Domitila | João Guilherme Ripper

7 de Setembro, 2020
MPMP 2020
CD Release
Domitila | João Guilherme Ripper
Carla Caramujo

“Carla sang beautifully and led the dramatic narrative on her own, expressing the character’s sweeping metamorphosis with unmatched intensity through the last scene. Right from the first rehearsal, I realized that an intimate dialogue, the hallmark of chamber music of the highest level, had been established between soloist and instrumentalists. In addition to creating a framework for the soloist’s privileged voice, João, Jed and Christina of the Toy Ensemble added an additional dimension to the work by musically commenting the lines of the literary text as if they were characters taking part in the action.” João Guilherme Ripper

“Domitila” will be released on September 7th by MPMP on the following digital platforms: iTunes/Apple Music, Primephonic, Amazon, Anghami, Bugs!, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Facebook, GooglePlay, iHeart Radio, Kanjan, Melon, Napster, NetEaseCloudMusic, Saavn, WiMP and Youtube.

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